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Οικονομολόγοι Επιστροφή στις κατηγορίες αγγελιών

Απαραίτητα προσόντα:
Ζητούνται άτομα με:
- Πτυχίο ΑΕΙ/ΤΕΙ οικονομικής κατεύθυνσης
- Ηλικία 22 -30 ετών
- 1 έτος προϋπηρεσία
- Οργανωτικότητα, αντίληψη και επικοινωνιακές ικανότητες.
- Βασικός μισθός και Bonus

Αποστολή Βιογραφικών: info@alfadev.gr.
Κωδικός: A080059       Δημοσίευση: 20-10-2018

Από εταιρεία Συμβούλων επιχειρήσεων ζητείται Πτυχιούχος ΑΕΙ Οικονομικής κατεύθυνσης, με εμπειρία στην υποβολή και υλοποίηση συγχρηματοδοτούμενων έργων και καλή γνώση Αγγλικών. Mεταπτυχιακός τίτλος θα συνεκτιμηθεί.
Εmail: info@acronym.gr.
Κωδικός: A080013       Δημοσίευση: 18-10-2018

Ζητείται νέα, φοιτήτρια οικονομικής κατεύθυνσης, για στελέχωση γραμματείας τμήματος. Πλήρης ή μερική απασχόληση.
Email: generalmanager@virvilis.gr. Τηλ.: 2294045287.
Κωδικός: A079496       Δημοσίευση: 05-10-2018

We are looking for an experienced Commercial Director.

Περιγραφή Εργασίας
We are looking for an experienced Commercial Director to add value to our growth activities by identifying new commercial opportunities and managing marketing efforts. You will keep abreast of trends and market conditions to provide strategic advice to upper management. An excellent commercial director has an entrepreneurial mindset and great leadership skills. The ideal candidate will also be a creative strategist with excellent organisational abilities. The goal is to promote and expand the company’s commercial activity that will generate revenues and lead to sustainable growth.

Develop and implement commercial strategies according to company goals and objectives aiming to accelerate growth
Conduct market research and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial opportunities (expansion, business development etc.)
Understand the requirements of existing customers to ensure their needs are being met
Act to acquire new customers and manage client relationships (new and existing)
Collaborate with and coordinate diverse teams (marketing, sales, customer service etc.)
Monitor performance of commercial activities using key metrics and prepare reports for senior management
Build and maintain profitable partnerships with key stakeholders
Assist in setting financial targets and budget development and monitoring

BSc/BA in business administration, finance or relevant field; MSc/MA is a plus
Experience as commercial director or other relevant role as well as experience in sales and/or marketing and managing relationships with key clients is desired
In-depth understanding of market research methods and analysis
Solid knowledge of performance reporting and financial/budgeting processes
Commercial awareness partnered with a strategic mindset
Excellent organizational and leadership skills
Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

Company Offers:
We are looking for an individual with ambition and passion to undertake this challenge and lead our group to yet another success. We offer a competitive and satisfactory package as well as benefits, depending on the skills level along with the opportunity for the candidate to work in a dynamic and highly evolving environment.

If this project fits with your personal and professional aspirations, please contact us at f.vavitsa@puro.com.gr.
Κωδικός: A078743       Δημοσίευση: 19-09-2018


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